About Us

Capital Investment Management, Inc. (CIMI) is a financial services marketing and distribution company, known in the industry as an insurance marketing organization (IMO). We specialize in the wholesaling of annuities from high-quality and well-established insurance companies to financial advisors and consultants in the bank, brokerage, and independent broker-dealer channels. 

Our Culture

Located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, we are influenced by the cultural diversity and soulful charm of this historic and hospitable city. We like to have fun. We care about people. And, we pride ourselves on our work. CIMI works with a few select carriers and investment partners to deliver best-in-class and personable service. We do not try to be everything to everybody. We develop strong personal relationships with the advisors that we work with and deliver open communication and speedy responses during business processing and servicing. Our small but mighty size allows us to be flexible in meeting the needs of our carriers and partners. 

Plus Years in Business

Billion Dollars in Annuities

Our History

The CIMI story began in 1990 when our founder, John C. Hazard, Jr., and his father, John C. Hazard, Sr. (“Jack”), started Teachers Retirement Services (TRS) to deliver unique private label retirement plans [403(b)s] to educators in school districts around the country.  As a private label company, TRS had close relationships with 4-5 insurance companies.  In 1998, the company was invited by the Hibernia Bank in New Orleans to create a bank-client friendly annuity for their depositors. Capital Investment Management, Inc. was established to distribute annuities to Hibernia Bank and similar institutions.  Over the last 20+ years, CIMI has sold more than $6 billion in annuities.  While our business has grown and evolved, our corporate philosophy and goals have not changed. We continued to remain committed to provide high-quality and focused support. 

Start Working with CIMI Today

If your firm has an agreement in place with CIMI, we encourage you to sign-up to receive access to our members website. On the members website, you will find detailed information on insurance carriers, including rates, product brochures and other marketing materials.