Capital Investment Management, Inc.

We are an insurance marketing organization specializing in the wholesale distribution of annuities. We partner with banks, independent broker-dealers, and other financial institutions to provide advisors with pre and post sale support. 

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CIMI has been in business for over 25 years and weathered many market cycles. We will be here for you. 



Our team of experienced wholesalers develop close trusted relationships with our members. 



We are well-known across the industry for our open communication and quick resolutions. 

We Build Relationships

We build close personal and lasting relationships with advisors. The advisors that we work with know us on a first name basis. They know that we are reliable and they can pick up the phone and receive immediate support for their business processing needs.  

We act as a true partner. We help advisors build relationships with prospects, clients, and centers of influence within their institution. CIMI provides specialized trainings, team-building events, networking events, seminars and more. 

“The best word to describe CIMI is Responsive. I really like the ability to get answers to my questions right away, and to not have to wait until days later. I can always get help when I need it.”

- Evan

“You all always answer your phone and I never go to voicemail. I prefer to work with CIMI because I can get things done quickly. You guys are pros.”

- Larry

“I appreciate not only the different product offerings, but the way the sales ideas are presented to me by the entire CIMI wholesaling team. They provide timely sales ideas that my clients can relate to and understand.”

- Stacey

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